Dental Hygiene

Essential part of dental care. For patients without issues, it is recommended to undergo professional dental hygiene at least twice a year. We will teach patients how to brush correctly, select suitable toothbrushes and interdental brushes, and practice their use. After dental hygiene, teeth can be whitened upon the patient’s request.

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Pricelist of services

Name of procedurePrice
Initial dental hygiene (examination, mechanical cleaning, instructions, optragate, panoramic X-ray)104,00€
Initial dental hygiene (examination, mechanical cleaning, instructions, including aids)75,00€
Initial dental hygiene (examination, optragate, Air flow, mechanical cleaning)89,00€
Recall for a patient without periodontal findings (Optragate, Airflow, mechanical cleaning, fluoride treatment)86,00€
Recall for a periodontal patient (common patient without periodontal findings, without Airlow)64,00€
Recall for a periodontal patient (optragate, Airflow, mechanical cleaning fluoride treatment)94,00€
Recall for a periodontal patient (only mechanical cleaning)71,00€


Fluoride treatment complete15,00€
Treatment of sensitive surfaces of tooth5,00€
Treatment of periodontal abscess13,00€
Application of anti-inflammatory medications (gels, solutions)10,00€
Reinstruction of cleaning of teeth and interdental cleaning (including interdental aids and brushes)9,00€
Instruction and practice with a hydrosonic brush (including tools)150,00€
Dental care instruction, practice, and return of tools10,00€
Additional billing from 10% to 50% depending on the complexity of the procedure10,00€
Combined whitening390,00€
Prophylactic therapy before whitening15,00€

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