Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry involves the treatment of teeth with fillings. When creating fillings, we work with a kofferdam, which isolates each tooth from the surrounding area to ensure a dry field. White fillings are highly sensitive to moisture during layering. Thanks to the kofferdam (isolation membrane), we can achieve a longer lifespan for fillings.

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Pricelist of services

Name of procedurePrice
Placement of a kofferdam20,00€

Temporary GIC filling55,00€

Additional charge for another capsule10,00€
Temporary filling Cavid/ZnO20,00€

Small-scale composite filling (cervical)75,00€

Simple composite filling (includes anesthesia, kofferdam, magnification work)120,00€

Moderately complex composite filling (includes anesthesia, kofferdam, magnification work)145,00€

Complex composite filling (includes anesthesia, kofferdam magnification work)170,00€

Composite crown reconstruction (includes anesthesia, kofferdam, magnification work)190,00€
Veneering of a frontal tooth with composite160,00€
Reshaping of the filling10,00€
Application of jewelry to the tooth60,00€

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