RTG and 3DCT

For better diagnosis of cavities, hidden inflammations, periodontal condition, and more, we use X-ray equipment. The orthopantomogram is used for an overall assessment of the state of the teeth and bone structures. Intraoral X-ray mach ines are used for interdental cavities. For targeted diagnosis of hidden inflammations, fractures, the position of wisdom teeth, and root canal anatomy, we have one of the best 3D CT devices with the highest resolution in the world.

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The X-ray with the highest resolution in the world


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Pricelist of services

Name of procedurePrice
Intraoral X-ray image of teeth15,00€
X-ray image – orthopantomogram (panoramic dental X-ray)30,00€
X-ray image 4 or more (BTW) 45,00€

RTG TMK 2D25,00€

3D CT comprehensive scan (upper jaw, lower jaw, sinuses, and TMJ -temporomandibular joints)140,00€
3D CT big (upeer jaw, low jaw)90,00€
3D CT intermediate (1 sextant/endodontic CT with very high resolution)70,00€
3D CT small 5×5 (single implant/endodontic tooth, approximately 3 teeth)55,00€
Analysis of 3D CT, description30,00€
Image loading onto a medium (CD, USB included in the price)10,00€

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