With dental prosthetics treatment we can replace hard dental tissues, or even entire teeth. We divide them into fixed and removable. Fixed prosthetics include veneers, crowns, and bridges. These are firmly cemented in the patient’s mouth. Removable replacements are not permanently fixed.

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Pricelist of services

Name of procedurePrice
Prosthetic design 30,00€
Zirconia crown450,00€
All-ceramic crown450,00€
Metal-ceramic crown350,00€
Ceramic veneer 500,00€

Inlay / Overlay400,00€

WAX UP (1 tooth)25,00€

Mock up25,00€

Silicone impression35,00€
Algitan impression 25,00€

Temporary removable replacement (immediate)500,00€

Total removable replacement750,00€

Partial removable replacement500,00€

Partial removable replacement – gap ( up to 4 teeth)250,00€

Bite splint to combat bruxism110,00€

Adding a tooth to a removable replacement30,00€

Repair of removable replacement70,00€
Rebase of a removable replacement100,00€

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